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Concierge  Connectors

Help Changemakers Bypass Burnout


 – active cellular service required

Black & Brown Changemakers

Executives. Entrepreneurs. Educators.

In the Twin Cities, it’s common for Changemakers to feel isolated, overworked, & under-appreciated. Help Changemakers bypass burnout through community connections that support their mind, body, and spiritual health.

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Concierge Connectors

‘Text & Request’ On Demand

Concierge Connectors are like Alfred.

Yes, Alfred from Batman, except they link Changemakers to trusted people, places, and private events to help avoid burnout.  

It’s simple!

Changemakers ‘Text & Request’ their needs to a Concierge Connector.

In turn, they find, vet, and connect Changemakers to the most trusted, culturally relevant community connections.

| 100% thru text 

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Changemaker Experience


They text their Concierge Connector


We text back to learn how we can help


We help link them to the things they need


We proactively find them new connections

Meaningful Change

Changemakers live a life of discipline & dedication. A life of sacrifice & resilience. A life of purpose! However, passionate Changemakers’ adopt a mindset so selfless that they rarely prioritize themselves. Change is clearly on its way, but MEANINGFUL CHANGE is only within reach if our Changemakers avoid burnout before reaching the finish line.

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