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We are real people responding to real text

Real Conversations

We have real chats to build real relationships

Real Connections

We make real connections to real people

Save Time

Don’t spend hours researching the internet for community resources when we can find the trusted connections for you.

we all want to level up our lives

To do that faster, we need connections to the people, places, and things that accelerate growth.

But most of us aren’t even aware of the resources available. And when we are aware we don’t know how to access them. We get it. We’ve been there too, and we’re here to help.

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Here’s how it works


Text “GetLinked” (one word) to our number:
(866) 513-2916


We learn about you and the resources you’re seeking


We connect you to what you need, at no cost to you


We proactively find new resources and let you know

From Our Partners

LocalLinkz actively seeks out partnerships with resource providers in the local community.
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D'Angelos Svenkeson

Founder & CEO, NEOO Partners

“Our goal in community engagement is add value while also seeking understanding. Local Linkz allows us to immediately begin sharing resources and information with stakeholders that creates value for their life, now.”

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Dario Otero

Founder & CEO, Youth Lens 360

“Exposure to NEW pathways, until you discover the RIGHT pathway is the best way to support youth empowering themself. Local Linkz will become the hub that connects youth to experiences. ”

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Nathan Young

Founder & CEO, MoreLeadsOnline

“Local Linkz is a game changer. I’m used to saying “just Google it”, but that’s not always enough. This is a better connect, and I trust them to adjust if it doesn’t work out.”

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