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Concierge Community Connectors

Red Carpet service helping corportations reatin their employees in the Twin Cities.


– active cellular service required

Concierge Connectors

It’s common for Black & Brown employees to leave Minnesota because they feel isolated, overworked, & under-appreciated.

Concierge Connectors provide corporate employess with a Red Carpet service to culturally relevant community connections.

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On Demand

100% thru text

Concierge Connectors are like Alfred.

Yes, Alfred from Batman, except they link employees to trusted people, places, and private events.

It’s SIMPLE… employees ‘Text & Request’ their needs and a conecierge connector and they find, vet, and connect them to the most trusted resource. 

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Here’s how it works


Text your personal Concierge Connector


We text back to learn how we can help


We help link you to the things you need


We proactively find new connections

Tap the button

Request Access